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Training for All Types of Business Communications:

All our programs are customized to meet specific client needs. The following are just a representative sample
of some of our popular programs addressing common business communication themes.

Customer/Client Communications

Fostering good relations with clients and customers depends on maintaining clear and effective communications. This program focuses on developing effective client-centred communications strategies and techniques.

Topics include:who are you writing for? – drawing the client profile; active listening; communicating professionally – business style and demeanor; the direct writing approach for routine communications; how to convey bad news and still keep the client – goals, strategies and techniques; persuasive and sales communications strategies; practice makes perfect – responding to typical scenarios.

Business Communicating for Results

A comprehensive program covering writing and speaking strategies and skills for generating business communications that get results.

Topics include:how meaning happens; how to write for the reader; skills for effective workplace communication; cross-cultural communication; active listening; creating clear, concise e-mails and routine communications; strategies for conveying negative news; persuasive strategies and techniques; writing and designing effective reports; creating and delivering presentations that motivate action and inspire confidence.

Business Writing Essentials

Techniques for creating writing that actually gets read and understood! Learn how to produce e-mails, reports and routine communications that are clear and concise.

Topics include:
how meaning happens; writing for the reader; getting swiftly to the point; the power of simplicity – business style; making sense – simple mechanics for crafting clear sentences and paragraphs; from cliché to clarity – the impact of originality; graphic shortcuts – the power of graphics and design; writing directly – routine business communications; how to convey negative news and still keep the client; stating your case – writing to persuade; practice makes perfect – writing exercises.

Professional Presentations

How to construct and deliver presentations that look and sound professional, that motivate and inspire confidence.

Topics include:how to analyze the situation and the audience; how to organize your information strategically; the pros and cons of PowerPoint; persuasive presentation techniques; rehearsing for success; how to develop your own style; celebrating yourself – techniques for positive thinking and stress relief.

The Art of Persuasion

Communicating to persuade: how to write reports, e-mails and articles that motivate consent. How to construct powerful presentations that inspire confidence. Whether you’re selling a product, a service or an idea, whether you’re negotiating a budget increase or simply trying to generate a response to your phone call or e-mail, all business communication is really persuasive in intent. The principles of persuasive communication are powerful tools to know and command.

Topics include:drawing the client profile; primary and secondary, internal and external audiences; determining goals – yours and the client’s; what it takes to persuade – the three time-tested principles of persuasion; strategies and techniques for persuading and negotiating; persuasive structure – how to construct letters, reports and presentations that persuade and inspire.

Media Training and Crisis Communication

Appearing before the media, especially in times of corporate crisis, can be a high-anxiety experience with jobs and reputations at stake. Dealing effectively with media interviews and learning how to control the media interview situation are skills that can turn a potentially confrontational situation into a communications opportunity. All sessions feature expert, one-on-one instruction and include video-taped role-playing exercises.

Topics include:how the media works; crisis preparation – what to plan for, what to expect; strategies and techniques for controlling the media interview; practicing some role-playing scenarios.

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